First Aid acupoint

Press Renzhong(GV26 Shuigou): At the junction of the upper 1/3 and middle 1/3 of the philtrum.

It could be used for all kind of emergency conditions, This is quick and positive. It could also help mental disorders, epilepsy, hysteria, infantile convulsion, coma, apoplexy-faint, trismus, deviation of the mouth and eyes, puffiness of the face, etc.

Care injury carefully

To avoid trauma, it is usually recommended to use ice in the early of the injury, but don’t leave it longer than 20 minutes each time, no more than 4 times every day. After 24 hours, it is suggested to apply hot pack, instead. Otherwise, long time ice-applying will block your blood circulations, and may cause a long serious muscular soreness.


Moxibustion shenque for cure chronic digest system disorders.

Shenque is in the centre of the umbilicus. Moxibustion is burning a special herb to heat the point, and it could help abdominal pain, borborygmus, flaccid type of apoplexy, prolapse of the rectum, unchecked (unnamed) diarrhea, etc. And it could also help diabetic, fatigue or weakness, any sort of digest problems.