Neck pain

My neck is normal again after so so so long. I am amazed acupuncture worked so quickly on the it! Absolutely amazing. With three sessions in your care my mind is so peaceful, my energy is restored and my happiness increased.

I am extremely grateful to your highest level of TCM.

Caitlin Casey

Balance Acupuncture

Balance acupuncture to treat foot pain--plantar fasciitis.

Released the pain from 8/10 to 2/10.

On 27/1/2016

Jane Whittaker’s feed back

I injured my back in March 2012.  Physio did not work so my G.P. suggested acupuncture.  Following 16 treatments my back is now pain free and I can enjoy a full life again.  Friendly, caring and professional.  I would thoroughly recommend Nine Life Land Acupuncture.

Mrs Jane Whittaker


I am really pleased with my treatment

I am really pleased with my treatment received at Nine life Land. I would not hesitate to recommend acupuncture for muscular-skeletal pain + discomfort as the results were the proof. At all times, I was treated with kindness, respect, dignity and my questions were always answered with careful explanations.

I hope to continue to use such treatment to remain “healthy” in the future.

Mrs Sara Reid. RN                                                                                                                    

He was very friendly and understanding

I came to Joe with an old lower back injury that I've been struggling with for years. He was very friendly and understanding, and after a quick examination had no trouble identifying the cause of the problem.
Joe immediately started treatment, which included suction cups and acupuncture. Even after the first session, I started to feel better, most of the pain was gone and I experienced improved mobility after every session...                                    

Mr Riaan Coertze  


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I am now walking much better

I have had ‘chronic’ illnesses throughout the latter part of my life, being – Parkinson’s; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Osteoporosis; and a collapsed vertebra in my spine.
As a result I have related constant pain through my right buttock; thigh; knee – which is predominately painful when standing for any length of time.
After viewing the information provided through my regular Medical Practice on the values of ‘acupuncture’ in assisting some such problems, I decided, after consulting my GP and husband, to take a course, on a trial basis, with their recommended
qualified specialist –Acupuncturist Joe Zhou in Pakuranga Road( Moved to Botany road in 2012)...

Mrs Doreen Harnett

Flat Bush

Manukau City 2016


The treatment is almost painless

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and osteoporosis early in 2010.

I tried to keep active but developed a lot of aches and pain. Particularly down my left side & just put up with the discomfort & took a lot of pain killers and was getting quite depressed. I saw Joe Zhou’s AD on the board when visiting Crawford House, decided to try acupuncture. I have had two weeks of treatment so far and have had a lot of relief from the pain and feel a lot better. The treatment is almost painless and I am given every consideration for my comfort when visiting Joe’s rooms. I can recommend this treatment to anyone with muscular discomfort or back problems of any sort.

Mrs Hilary May  

Highland Park

A gentle, caring and expert practitioner of acupuncture

Recently I developed excruciating pain in my right knee and found walking very difficult. Luckily I saw Mr Zhou’s advertisement in the local paper and decided to try acupuncture.

Mr Zhou diagnosed a problem with the sciatic nerve. After two treatments, the pain had gone and I’m now walking normally.

As a first time patient, you can imagine how delighted I was to have such a good result.

My thanks to Mr Zhou, a gentle, caring and expert practitioner of acupuncture.

Mrs Minnie Dealy


Arthritis has been improved

The arthritis in the knuckles of my right hand was worsening. From being an occasional annoyance and ache it had got to the stage where I was considering the use of pain relief. I hadn’t realised how much my hands, particularly the right, were affected by the arthritis till one day I was attempting to pull some small weeds from the garden. I couldn’t clasp my hand tight enough, the weeds just slipped through it. I could pull the weeds easily using my left hand whereas my right hand was totally ineffective.

I found that using strapping tape around the affected knuckles made my hand much more comfortable, by limiting the movement in my fingers, but of course it also restricted the use of my hand.

I had got to the stage where I was willing to try anything. I had had no previous experience of acupuncture before I approached Mr Zhou. His friendly and positive manner immediately put me at ease and the treatment has been highly successful. One thing I noticed immediately was how fine the acupuncture needles are that I didn’t even notice them being inserted.

I decided that initially Joe would only treat my right hand. Having no experience of acupuncture I wanted to see how my right hand improved compared to the left. I can now report that there has been significant improvement in my right hand while at the same time the left has continued to get worse. This hints to me the effectiveness of Mr Zhou’s treatment.

Mr Grant Beaumont