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The Mission of Nine Life Land Acupuncture is to provide the highest quality health care by safely serving the health needs of each individual. We are dedicated to providing effective Traditional Chinese Medicine in a manner such that each patient will have a positive health experience at each visit.

We will create an environment conducive to healing by adhering to the highest standard of professional ethics, conduct and strive to improve the quality of life of all our patients, by incorporating a holistic approach to healing the body.

If you suffer from acute pain, chronic Pain or other conditions that Western Medicine has not been able to help, call to schedule a professional consultation at Nine Life land Acupuncture. 0800 869 999

Joe Zhou 0212152066


Mr. Joe Zhou, was a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in China, was fully trained in both western and traditional Chinese medicine fields in China. 

 After he graduated from the former First Military Medical University in 1992, he became a military doctor and worked in army health clinic. And later on he went back to the First military medical University, and being a lecturer for many years in the former First Military Medical University in China.

He is experienced and has worked in the field of Chinese medicine since1992. He is the founder of Nine Life Land Acupuncture.

 Self Description:


Although many people tell me: it's amazing, you've done miracles... I appreciate these positive comments, I prefer to say. God has blessed you and your body energy has helped you …


The important thing is to know yourself, your own energy, your own body on the right path. What I can do is: just stimulate your energy, or rebalance your energy, and then your own energy to align yourself with your own paradise - your body is a universe, you are the king of your kingdom, and your cells are your people. So your cells follow your actions, and if you drive your mind in the righteous way, you won't get any disease.


 I know very little, I am really grateful to my master for giving me wisdom and ability to help others, I am really grateful to all my teachers who have taught me for many years, especially Dr. John Jiang Yi, who was my first acupuncture teacher, and Dr. Tan who was the teacher of Tan's Balance Acupuncture, Dr. Pan Xiao chuan who was my spiritual acupuncture teacher, and many more...  I thank all my patients for encouraging me over and over again.


I strive to work for people instead of chasing profits.

Lisa Wang  0211851358


Since 1992, she has been engaged in health care, treating her patients effectively and helping them to attain their best physical and mental state.

She worked as a nurse in a general hospital in China for 16 years. Since coming to New Zealand in 2008, she has been involved in health care work in Acupuncture Nine Life Land. After obtaining a bachelor of health science major in acupuncture from the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine, she began to specialize in acupuncture, dedicated to give her patients a healthier and happier life.

Other than professional acupuncture techniques, she also has rich experience in patient care and health guidance.

 Self introduction:

I have been working in health care and serving patients for many years, and helped countless patients. There, I learned to care and to love, which is the most important thing for the rest of my life. I am very lucky to be able to continue my work in health care in this beautiful country--New Zealand. In Acupuncture Nine Life Land, I have the chance to put my professional knowledge into practice, to use the wisdom of Chinese medicine to relieve the sufferings and improve the health of local people. I would like to do all I could to give back to society and to help everyone in my life.

For your comfort and happiness. Always.