Treat your spirit, mind and body to a complete and extraordinary reviving, de-stressing, natural and safe experience at Nine Life Land Acupuncture.

The Mission of Nine Life Land Acupuncture is to provide the highest quality health care by safely serving the health needs of each individual. We are dedicated to providing effective Traditional Chinese Medicine in a manner such that each patient will have a positive health experience at each visit.

We will create an environment conducive to healing by adhering to the highest standard of professional ethics, conduct and strive to improve the quality of life of all our patients, by incorporating a holistic approach to healing the body.

If you suffer from acute pain, chronic Pain or other conditions that Western Medicine has not been able to help, call to schedule a professional consultation at Nine Life land Acupuncture.

Formal introduction:

Mr. Joe Zhou, Specialist acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, member of Acupuncture NZ since 2008, and an ACC treatment provider.

He,was a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in China, was fully trained in both western and traditional Chinese medicine fields in China. 

 After he graduated from the former First Military Medical University in 1992, he became a military doctor and worked in army health clinic. And later on he went back to the First military medical University, and being a lecturer for many years in the former First Military Medical University in China.

He is experienced and has worked in the field of Chinese medicine since1992. He is the founder of Nine Life Land Acupuncture.


Self introduction:

Asking me to say something? Oh, I am not a doctor; I can't cure any illness for you.

Although many people told me: it's amazing, you made miracles... I can't believe it, but where is my pain now?... 

I say, it is not me made miracles; it is yourself, your own energy, your own body going the righteous way now. What I have done, just to stimulate your energy, or re-balance your energy, and then your own energy to adjust your own paradise- your body is a universe, you are the king or queen of your kingdom, and your fresh cells are your people. So your cells under your control, you won't get any ailment if you keep your mind manner in righteous way.

­ What I known is very little, I must keep learning, keep studying, I really appreciate my master giving me the wisdom and the ability to study, I really thank all my teachers taught me many years, especially Dr Tan taught me the Dr Tan’s balance acupuncture, and I thank all my patients offered me the opportunities to practice what I have learned and let me to have the chance to develop and elevate myself.  

In the future, I wish we could set up a real TCM hospital in New Zealand to help more and more people.

Thank you.

Formal introduction:

Caren Chen, acupuncturist, full member of Acupuncture NZ, ACC treatment provider.

She studied in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine for 7 years, one of the best universities of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in China. She holds a Master’s Degree of clinical medicine (Chinese medicine and acupuncture). She, as a registered doctor in China, was trained in both the first and second affiliated hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, which are top two large-scale general hospitals with western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Canton (Guangzhou). Speaking of Canton, it is a place with a history of more than 2000 years, where traditional Chinese medicine is well developed with a very good atmosphere. Local people are greatly influenced by Chinese medicine therapy and are more likely to seek TCM treatments  for illness if surgery is not necessary.


Self introduction:

I have a great passion for work and life. I love what I am doing and mostly I do what I love to do. Being happy is my first principle in life as I know deeply no motivation, no creativity, no potential, no good outcome could be produced without happiness, passion and love in work and life.

I lead a healthy life style. I like food but I also like sports, any kinds of sports! I enjoy anything that related to art. I play the piano and write songs. I like drawing as well. I’m easy-going, friendly, kind, considerate and creative. But I can be tough, determined, perseverant and serious in important things like my profession. I enjoy communicating with and knowing my patients. I love my work and my work gives me motivation constantly and a sense of achievement in return.

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