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Joe Zhou 0212152066


Mr. Joe Zhou possesses comprehensive training in both Western and traditional Chinese medicine disciplines, acquired in China. Commencing his career in 1992, he served as a military doctor and held a teaching role at the former First Military Medical University in China. His journey led him to New Zealand in 2006. With a distinguished track record spanning over three decades, he has amassed a wealth of expertise in the realm of Chinese medicine. His adeptness shines particularly in pain management, and helps with various internal organ systems disorders, chronic diseases, as well as providing support for individuals dealing with anxiety and depression. His extensive studies encompass various acupuncture methodologies including Dr Tan's balanced acupuncture, Dr Pan's spiritual acupuncture, Dr Liu Chao Long's Ji Yi Acupuncture, and Dr Chen Hong's Bagua acupuncture, among others.


 Self Description:

 Over the past three decades, I have been fortunate to receive abundant encouragement. Many patients have shared their sentiments with me, stating, "Acupuncture is truly remarkable – it's nothing short of a miracle."

However, it's essential to recognise that these achievements are intricately tied to your personal energy. A positive mindset yields favourable outcomes, while negative messages steer you in a different direction. Essentially, your actions shape your rewards. I extend my assistance to you, with the hope that you, in turn, will extend your help to others.

Central to this journey is self-awareness – understanding your energy and your body's rightful course. My role lies in either invigorating your energy or restoring its equilibrium. This process aligns your personal energy with the paradise within you. Imagine your body as a universe, and you, the sovereign of your realm, with your cells comprising your people. Thus, your cellular actions mirror your intentions. By cultivating righteous thoughts, you can thwart the onset of ailments.

Frequently, I offer guidance on dietary choices, exercise regimens, and lifestyle practices. Occasionally, we delve into transformative thoughts that reshape your health. This counsel contributes to your well-being, granting you the tools to self-treat. After all, numerous chronic health issues are rooted in habits we develop.

While I acknowledge my limited knowledge, I am deeply indebted to my meditation Master for gifting me wisdom and the capacity to aid others. Gratitude fills my heart for all the teachers who have imparted their knowledge, particularly Dr. John Jiang Yi, my inaugural acupuncture instructor, as well as Dr. Tan, who taught the intricacies of Tan's Balance Acupuncture, and Dr. Pan Xiao chuan, my mentor in spiritual acupuncture, among many others. Additionally, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to my patients, whose unwavering support continually uplifts me.

May each of you embrace a life filled with wonder and fulfilment.


Lisa Wang  0211851358


Since 1992, she has been engaged in health care, treating her patients effectively and helping them to attain their best physical and mental state.

She worked as a nurse in a general hospital in China for 16 years. Since coming to New Zealand in 2008, she has been involved in health care work in Acupuncture Nine Life Land. After obtaining a bachelor of health science major in acupuncture from the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine, she began to specialize in acupuncture, dedicated to give her patients a healthier and happier life.

Other than professional acupuncture techniques, she also has rich experience in patient care and health guidance.

 Self introduction:

I have been working in health care and serving patients for many years, and helped countless patients. There, I learned to care and to love, which is the most important thing for the rest of my life. I am very lucky to be able to continue my work in health care in this beautiful country--New Zealand. In Acupuncture Nine Life Land, I have the chance to put my professional knowledge into practice, to use the wisdom of Chinese medicine to relieve the sufferings and improve the health of local people. I would like to do all I could to give back to society and to help everyone in my life.

For your comfort and happiness. Always.