10 reasons to choose Nine Life Land Acupuncture

1. Your good health weighs most for us. We aim at minimizing your discomfort at first, then treating your whole body to tackle the underlying causes of your problem, and at last bringing your physical and mental health back to balance.

2. Our team members are professional and experienced in the traditional Chinese medicine field, which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine and other various TCM therapies. We are full members of Acupuncture NZ, holding annual practising certificates, and we are also ACC treatment providers.

3. We are good at relieving many kinds of pain just after your first treatment. If not, we refund your money back. Besides, whatever problems that pop up in your mind, do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss together what we can do to reach your expectation.

4. Our special and well-trained techniques of inserting acupuncture needles would make you feel rarely painful during acupuncture treatment.

5. TCM therapies are natural and green, with low risk and little side effects. Our cost-effective treatment session is about 40-60 minutes independently according to your constitution.

6. Our clinics are well-accessed, tidy and clean, in conformity with laws in NZ. Only medical tools and equipments with high quality are applied in our clinic. Only sterile and disposable needles are used.

7. Self-care advice (food intake, exercise, daily habits, emotion management, lifestyle, etc.) is freely provided according to your own condition, in order to maintain the effect of treatments, to stabilize your state and to help to avoid recurrence of your discomfort.

8. We provide a bright, comfortable, warm-decorated environment and private space for you. Also, our team members are friendly and considerate. You would enjoy a good atmosphere here.

9. We encourage our team members to go for professional development courses and self-study regularly, going back to the root of TCM, in the meanwhile, keeping in touch of the world’s latest TCM-related medical research and knowledge, which helps to enhance our competence constantly.

10. We think highly of your opinions and feedbacks, to better understand your need and expectation, as well as to modify the treatment flexibly and improve our service.

Are you seeking TCM treatment in Auckland or Thames? You are in the right place! Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about how acupuncture works and your own condition. We will give you an overall view of your health condition and try our best to answer your questions and resolve your confusion.