Tips for losing weight

● Always have regular meals, particularly, your breakfast should be full of energy; you need energy to support your activities at daytime.

● In order to give your digestive system a rest, have a smaller dinner, it’s better to keep your stomach empty while you sleep. If you are too hungry to go to sleep, a cup of milk is recommended.

● Chew your meal thoroughly; and eat slowly to emerge enough digestive enzymes in saliva.

● Hot tea or soup after your meal is better than cold water or ice cream; Cold substances may damage your stomach system.

● Do exercises regularly and concentrate your mind in exercising, mind exercising is more important than physical.

● Keep warm; because fat has a function of preventing coldness. If you are always suffering cold, your cells have to become fatter to guard against the cold.

● Enjoy helping people; if you have a habit of taking advantage from others, same do your cells, thus your cells become fatter.

● Sleep early (before 11) and get up early (before sun rise). Making resonance with the universe.

● Massage Gall-bladder meridian, Press Qiuxu(GB40), to stimulate gall-bladder to produce proper bile to melt extra fat.

● Massage your spleen meridian and stomach-meridian to rehabilitate your imbalanced digest-system.



Healthy Habits for Weight Loss


Losing weight is not just about dieting. More important are making lifestyle changes that can be helpful for losing weight and keeping the weight off. Here are some simple strategies.


Losing weight and keeping it off is a matter of cutting back what you eat and increasing your amount of exercise. "The simplest equation in the world, calories in and calories out, determines your weight loss," says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, of Sarasota, Fla, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association...